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John Long Middle School is pleased to welcome those students who choose to participate in interscholastic athletics. We hope your interest will contribute to your enjoyment and personal growth.

The Athletic Code covers all interscholastic sports. This includes:








As a participant in an interscholastic sport you are accountable to both the Athletic Code and the Student Code of Conduct. Violations of either code place the offender subject to sanctions. The Student Code of Conduct is found in the Student Handbook; the Athletic Code follows:


If you choose to participate in the athletic program you are responsible for:

 Having on file with the JLMS Main Office before the first practice:a)  The Athletic Permit Card (Green Physical Card). – This is the original up to date Physical Card that is signed by your physician within the last year.
Physical Examinations taken April 1 and thereafter is valid for the following two school years; physical examinations taken before April 1 is valid only for the remainder of that school year and the following school year.


The Alternate Year Athletic Permit Card (buff colored card) –  If you already have the original Physical Card on file from the previous year, and it has expired, then you will need the Alternate Year Card signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s). NOTE: Players cannot practice or participate until their Physical Card is in the office. This is strictly enforced.
b) The Physician's Release Card (blue card) – This card includes information such as family doctor, emergency contact phone numbers, etc. which is used when the parent(s)/guardian(s) is not in attendance.

c) Concussion Agreement Form – This form needs to be signed by both the parent & the athlete and turned into the JLMS Main Office prior to participating.  By signing the form you are stating that you understand the importance of recognizing and responding to the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of a concussion or head injury.

d) Athletic FeeThe current district athletic participation fee is $35.00 for the first two sports a student participates in. There is no charge if a student participates in a third sport. This fee must be paid prior to the first contest.


B.1) Your first obligation is to your studies. It is more important than practice, meetings, or contests. A participant in an interscholastic sport must be current with all classroom obligations.

B.2) An interscholastic sport participant is scholastically ineligible if he/she is currently receiving, or receives in the last grading period, any of the following:

  • "F" or "I" (incomplete) as an overall grade - this is an ongoing evaluation and can be reported to the coach in charge at any time during any grading period
  • "U" (unsatisfactory) in either Conduct or Effort - in the last grading period
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or less - in the last grading period

B.3) All-day school attendance is required to practice or participate in contests.

  • This rule does not include excused absences for medical appointments, funerals, or field trips.


C.4) Possession, use, and/or sale of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (medically prescribed excepted) is prohibited.

C.5) Damage, destruction, or theft of School District property and/or opponents' school property is illegal and will not only be subject to sanctions by this code, but in addition, the offender will be referred to local authorities for prosecution.

 Fighting related to competition will be considered subject to the Student Code of Conduct and dealt with accordingly.

 No vulgar or profane language or inappropriate gestures are allowed.

 All activity participants must attend all practices, meetings, and contests unless excused by their coach.

 All student-athletes are expected to be properly attired in accord with standards established by the coach and administration.

 A student on detention or who is participating in the Extended School Day Program must report to practice or "home" contest for that day immediately after serving detention or Extended School Day. Students are ineligible to participate in "away" contests for that day. Students on suspension (either in-school or out-of-school) forfeit practice, and contest participation for that day or days.

 Inappropriate student behaviors not listed in the aforementioned Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Athletic Director and appropriate coaches. If applicable, they shall then make recommendations to the Principal regarding disposition of the matter.


Regarding "RULE B-Scholastic Eligibility" and "RULE C-Other Eligibility Requirements"

D.1) SANCTION TO RULE B.2 - Any student involved in a sport that is currently in session and is receiving an "F" or "I" or who is performing Unsatisfactorily with regard to effort and/or conduct will be suspended from competition for (10) ten school days. The student will still be allowed to participate in practice but will be suspended for game play.

D.1.a) If after the ten (10) school day suspension from competition is served, eligibility will be determined by Rule B.2. If rule B.2 is still in violation then the student will be removed from the team for the remainder of that particular sport season.

D.2) SANCTIONS TO RULES C.4-C.11 - Minimum violation of the "Other Eligibility Requirements" will result in a (10) ten day suspension from competition.

 SANCTIONS - ALL - A Violation of any of the eligibility requirements ("Scholastic" or "Other"), upon the decision of the Principal, may result in permanent removal from athletic participation.

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